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Your team must do what is necessary to guide a Refugee out of the "Shadow of War".

No matter how big the sacrifices.

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1 - 5 Players


45+ minutes

12+ years

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From designer Ángel Vázquez, Refugee: Searching for Hope is a cooperative game for one to five players. As volunteers your mission is to guide a Refugee outside their old home that has been consumed by the "Shadow of War". You must gather resources so you can overcome the hazards that the pathway presents and guide the Refugee to safety. But beware of the "Shadow of War" that will chase you, destroying everything on it's way. Only by working together you can save a Refugee, one at a time.

Refugee Game Screenshot


The "Shadow of War" will chase you and your team, destroying everything it touches. So you will need to use Hope! The most powerful as well as fragile resource in the game. This can be used to overcome hazards on the road and build structures for protection. All this while trying to escape being destroyed.

Refugee Game Cards


You are free to move and explore the dangers along the way, but don't go too far because you can't go back. The cards while on the pathway represent the dangers that you and your team will have to overcome; if you bring the cards to your hand they will become useful resources for you. Use them to build Structures that will help you with their special abilities. Think carefully about where and when to build them.

Water Purifier Structure Symbol
Hospital Structure Symbol
School Structure Symbol
Campsite Structure Symbol
Refugee Game Background


Designer: Angel Vazquez


1 Main Board, 67 Challenge Cards, 8 Knowledge Cards, 15 Path Tiles, 1 Double-Sided Micro Board, 12 Structure Pieces, 6 Helper Pieces, 1 Refugee Figure, 4 Stopwatches, 2 English Language Rules and Spanish, 6 Letters of Reference.



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